Sigma 33 Class Championship to be held within Bangor Town Regatta 2020

Posted: 11/7/2019

    I am delighted to announce that the Sigma 33 Class will be holding the their Class Championship within Bangor Town Regatta 2020.

    This is a huge boost to our event and I am extremely pleased to see this fleet come to Belfast Lough, during the event RUYC will be hosting a Class Association AGM and Class Dinner, when all competitors and guests will be welcome to enjoy the surroundings of Royal Ulster Yacht Club. - Gavin Watson

    The Sigma Association fleet are delighted and  very pleased the Class Championship is returning to RUYC  and Belfast Lough in 2020.

    The Sigma Association and members have always enjoyed their sailing and hospitality extended to them by RUYC.Paul Prentice

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